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June 2, 2011 / thebengaliheart

GSOC – Tab grouping in Rekonq

I’m writing this to blog about my progress, though there is nothing much spectacular to blog about. One great thing is, a first version of the backend code for session management is in place now. Sadly, there is no UI yet to access it. Now I am working on the UI written using QGraphicsView. Hope I’ll be able to come out with something usable in a week. Also, I and my mentor Pierre Rossi were discussing about storing the session data inside Nepomuk instead of storing them locally. We decided to mark this as a TODO for after the initial commit.

Bye Planet folks! Hope to blog again soon.



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  1. Mateusz F / Jun 3 2011 12:36 pm

    Please keep posting about progress.
    Tab grouping is very useful.

    BTW, have you thought about using a standard vertical tree component, like this:,r:7,s:0&tx=36&ty=35&biw=935&bih=572

    It’s probably easy to find such a component in qt. I would imagine using it as a hidable left/right vertical panel. It would be possible to create named tab groups and puts tabs in it. Then, user could move the pages around.

  2. thebengaliheart / Jun 9 2011 5:09 pm

    I am using a panorama view, similar to Firefox’s panorama (earlier known as Tab Candy) to group the tabs. It won’t be menu based, but will use QGraphicsView to show the tab previews and sessions graphically, and let you drag-drop the around.

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