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March 12, 2011 / thebengaliheart

Project Management with Nepomuk

I came across this GSOC idea while looking at the KDE ideas list. I have thought of two test cases for the project, and hope to come up with a full-fledged proposal soon.

Nepomuk allows for us to store semantic data about all our applications and data in a store and easily query through them. The idea is to implement the concept of associating data with certain projects. Data will be associated to certain projects and can be queried or shared accordingly.

Use Cases
1. Joe is working on his school project about ‘Natural Disasters’. He surfs the web in Konqueror to look for past natural disasters and reasons for it. He presses a hotkey and the annotations sidebar opens up. He drags the text into the bar or right clicks on the text and selects “Annotate …”, and selects the project under which to annotate. He downloads some images into his Downloads directory, and add them to the project ‘Natural Disasters’. Later one day, he searches for “natural disasters” and gets the annotated texts and images.

2. Jack is working to implement a new feature in Strigi. He files a bug and bookmarks the page from Konqueror. He stores the bookmark under the “multithreaded Strigi” project. He creates a folder to start writing the code. He right-clicks on the folder in Dolphin and adds it to the “multithreaded Strigi” project. He refers to an ebook about Multithreaded applications, opening it up in Okular. On page 43, he right clicks on the 3rd paragraph and selects “Annotate …” and then adds the text to the project. He opens Akonadi and adds his mentor’s contact to the project. He opens up the Project Explorer, opens the project ‘multithreaded Strigi’, and gets a list of all the bookmarks, ebook annotations and source code files.


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