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March 10, 2011 / thebengaliheart


I was going through the ideas page for the OpenSuSE GSOC 2011 wiki page when I came up with this idea of making zypper searches more intuitive and user-friendly. Zypper is a package manager for OpenSuSE much like Yum is for Fedora, while zypper appeared to be more user-friendly to me.

The idea was to make Zypper searches sort the relevant results in an intuitive way, and add other developments to add to it. To start off, I took up this bug, which is about adding the support to search for multiple strings which must all occur in the search result to be displayed. Basically, currently zypper allows only for –match-any option, which means if I search abc def it will return results with either abc or def in them. The –match-all option, as the name says, would require both abc and def to be present in the package name for it to be displayed as a result. Currently the –match-all option is used as a placeholder, and mimics –match-any in functionality.

I looked through the code, and thanks to the extremely useful suggestions given as comments on the bug in the bugzilla, I did not take me much time to figure out what exactly I needed to change. After I was done, I was rejoiced to see the –match-all option work beautifully.

My patch is currently added as an attachment to the bug in the bugzilla itself. Refer to the above link of the bug to look at my patch if interested.


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