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January 3, 2011 / thebengaliheart


Here are a couple of screenshots of the log viewer v 0.2

This one shows the search logs tab –
This screenshot shows the conversations tab –
TODOs for v 0.3
  • Group all buddies under the same contact as one entry in buddy list
  • Add group chats to the buddy list


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  1. Roshan Singh / Jan 7 2011 8:33 pm

    Whenever you make a release, give a tar.gz with a README with compile instructions.

    • thebengaliheart / Jan 7 2011 9:50 pm

      Sure I will. For the time being, both the source and the binary are on the Google Code web page for downloads.

      • Stefanos / Feb 8 2011 8:23 am

        great but binary is only linux and not for win32 or other systems.

  2. thebengaliheart / Feb 8 2011 11:44 pm

    I have not made the binary for Win32 or other platforms because I run only Linux. But contributions of binaries on other platforms are most welcome.

    • Stefanos / Feb 8 2011 11:46 pm

      yes but you can use cross compile with linux (mingw) then run the plugin on all plattforms not only linux, thanks.

      • thebengaliheart / Feb 9 2011 2:28 pm

        The procedure to compile pidgin on Windows involves a cygwin environment, if I am not mistaken. Will look into it though, thanks 🙂

  3. Stefanos / Aug 4 2011 6:02 am

    Any update (v0.3?) after months for this pidgin plugin? thanks.

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