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May 8, 2010 / thebengaliheart

Shantiniketan : ideas

I hosted my Classroom Application on SourceForge. Its called Shantiniketan.

Got a few ideas for Shantiniketan, my IRC classroom application.

A paste-bin is a place where we can paste any piece of text and put it up online. So we use a paste bin in this program to share handouts or give answers to questions when the teacher takes a test.
A white board is a place in a web page where we can draw random things and share it with others.

The program would use pastebin using the api at

It will support a whiteboard, I have yet not decided how. I searched on the net for an equivalent for whiteboard on the lines of pastebin, but didn’t find anything. So probably I’ll have to write SVG code myself and transfer the svg over the IRC.

Now for specifications. All the Pastebin pages will be called just pages. It can be given as a handout by the teacher, in which case the student will see a link like

Note on Damped Harmonic Oscillations

and the page will open in a new tab. Whiteboard is still not thought about, maybe I’ll have it some later version. I will consider DCC file sharing as an alternative to Pastebin. And I’ll keep a provision to open up weblinks in new tabs within the program itself.

In a hurry. That’s it for today.
Anyone interested in working on the artwork, please please contact me. I desperately need someone on that.
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